Greetings everyone,

It’s been a long time for me to be posting again with several updates as we are working very hard to get things done, and right now I can say we are getting closer to what we are planning.

However I can’t say much right now as we need to test and work things out with our team, but if all goes well then I can say both our Radioactive and Interactive will be running in or somewhere in September.

Also, our gaming site has also been updated as to the forum, it is no longer intergraded with the site itself but is now running again with the new forum with this we now only have to deal with just one forum instead of 3, and it’s easy for us to maintain.

also, you NEED to register there as it is closed down for regular guests, so in this case, you won’t see any posts, you can visit the forum by clicking the link above in the menu or just go to and enjoy.

However do let me say we are still trying to recover from all the years of hell times, like the lock-downs and private life problems, so everything went in slow motion these days, but we are going the right way now.. And soon we will let you all known what we are planning as soon as the teams are ready.


see or hear you all by then..


By daniel