Upgrade Completed! Welcome To The New Spacestation-online…

Greetings everyone..

As you can see our new Spacestation-online has been upgraded, it still needs some setups as some may or may not work – but we are working on as to speak.

Also lots will be changed in the upcoming days, months or years (*sight*) but if all goes well the spacestation-online will then be in working order for us as community of sci-fi geeks 🙂

Now as said in my previous post i did said we would drop a few things, K.i.T.T. players will NOT return, so please don’t ask us for either download links, so perhaps one of the few people who downloaded the players may upload them for other users to use (and please share a link with us).

Next Our forum has also been changed so be careful with what you do, it has a new system in place and a new ban system. so f you do something wrong like Spamming you will be blocked so be aware of that.

We are also planning lots of new things to come for the spacestation-online, but it is still in development (will keep everyone posted when more info is there).

Now let’s enjoy again!!



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