The Spacestation-online goes “Where everyone has gone before!”

Well today we can add a new link to our specs of social media, as of today we are also on Tumblr.

with this we try to reach many people who like to help or has new ideas on making posts, videos or just a C.I.S. moment that they want to share with the world.

This can be done by contacting us by these social media’s:

Tumblr =

Google+ =

Facebook =


And we are trying to get into more social media’s but for these will do.

and yes we are still building the main site as we still haven’t finished what we have started, this is just because there is only one persn working on all this to happen.

Oh btw the forum will also be re-modeled (no not that again) just a new way of threads we wanted and some will be removed just to make it much smoother for our site and posters.

So enjoy your stay



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