Sprits are people who has passed away and haven’t crossed over as to unfinished business or doesn’t really know they are dead. And uses any kind of energy to energize or uses it to let them move something or making sounds.


Spirits where well known in our past as to 18th century, when this was first seen as ghostly black masks. People in that time thought they were cursed or hunted by their passed away family.

Later in that time period on person found out that this was just a normal spirit who tried to make contact with the living.

Although we now known of these spirits but in other cultures spirits are a common phenomenon like the Indians (or native Americans) who are still worshipping the spirits for many traditions as to a warrior or fighter from the old days to have a good fight and that his spirit will watch over him as the battle begins, but some of them also goes in some sort of trance to make contact with them.

In other parts of the world there are many of these rituals with spirits, but to us they are something of our way of life.

We do know that there are two spirits the good one, and the bad one.

So the good spirit is just making a way to let you know it’s there by making noises or playing with your thoughts, it has no harm to you or isn’t really interested in that way, it is just a way of playing.

The bad spirit is something that many people creeps out, as they are harmful, some also remains them as demon spirit.

They actually will let you know they are there by scratching your skin, or making threads out and scaring other people by doing nasty things, not like the movie paranormal activity (it doesn’t come even close to it) they are normally easy to get them out, by calling someone who has experiences with these kinds of things.

The good spirit will leave you alone if you just ask them nicely, they may remain with you but they will not let you know in any sense.

To see a spirit may be hard to get or to see, as they are mostly of a black mask or fog like shape, and in many cases if you go hunting for spirits the mind may sometime tricks you, by letting you believe there is a spirit.

In some of these cases it may be wise to bring a good camera with night vision or a simple camera may sometimes do the trick too (although the image may not be good enough) and if you really want to spent the big money, a heating camera can do the trick. As spirits uses energy and those cameras can pick them up, but will not always work.

Spirits may come in many forms as to a child, grown up, or elder.

Here is a good explanation of ghosts and spirits although some are not for a real believe but comes close to it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost


Also to know that there some things that people doesn’t understand what a ouijabord does or why many people say it’s too dangerous to use.

Well let us tell you why, as for ouijabord it’s an old game that was used (or still is being used) by people who wants to call the spirit of a family to contact them, some just want to ask how they are doing or just to ease their pain of their beloved who had passed away.


However these people who use them has more experiences with these boards and knows how to use them.

When someone wants to play the board game he/she doesn’t know what kind of door will open, will it be a good one or bad one.

And when a bad door opens a bad spirit may come through it and hunt you, however its sometimes easy to get them out but just using the board again and ask the spirit to go away through that door, but if it doesn’t want to, it could make your life somewhat uneasy and for that you need to get someone who also has experiences whit these spirits to help you and getting rid of them.

Now some say it comes from a time period as to 18 century, but we believe it even started before that (still its yet unsure from what period of time it was seen).

Also many used it just for education and science to see if there was a spirit world or for education for paranormal people.

The ouijabord as we know it today was made by the parker brothers in 1966 as a toy and was a success, this success of the ouijabord during the ages of 1886 (or sooner we don’t know yet) until now as it lasted.

there also seems to be a talking board but haven’t seen it yet.



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