Ol’forum is back and running again, what happens to this forum?

Ol’ forum is back and running again, what happens to this forum?

As of today I repaired the ol’ classic forum we used to have and to discuss lots of things in their. however in the time we where building our favorite sites we temporaly disabled that ol’ forum for the time being.

Now many moons in the futher we had time to get things rolling again in there.

But what will happen to the forum here? well actially nothing much.

The spacestation-online was more like a door to the other rooms, in here we use the forum more as a support for users who has questions or in need for support.

Our other sites like the 80\’s and a new coming up site uses their own forum for their own chatters room, like the 80\’s will only use the forum for typical 80\’s chatter and the new site will use its own chatter.

the ol forum was used for everything as fun chat or not related chat that is not listed on the other sites.

so you can go there and have some fun, just remember you need a login there as it has no login names if you either had registered on our other sites.

so head back to our classic forum at https://forums.spacestation-online.com/

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