No more Google+ Login/Register

As of March 19, 2019 Google+ will be stopped, this means users can not use google+ anymore.

Downside is most of our site uses the google+ login/register, this will stop too!

So when the time comes we will be removing this function from all our sites, this goes for 80’s and beyond and our spacestation-online.

So for all our members who register with the google+ account we suggest to update your account by unlinking the google+, this can be done by going to your profile -> Settings Tab -> Social Accounts -> and select Google+ now this account will be disabled for the future.

However since this is your access point it could be that you need to update your account by a new password since it was handeld by google+ and us.

If so, it will be easy since the email that you use with google+ is common use so what you do is if the password is not working then request a new password in the login page, just type in your info and wait for the conformation so you can sign in again.

It was fun with Google+ and sadly we say goodbye to it, maybe one day we will see a new version of google+ and for now you can still login with either facebook, Twitter or any other Block we have available.

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