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No registration or cant pass the final step!

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on: August 12, 2019, 03:23:20 PM

If you are trying to register here and you either get a error page with can't register or you can't get to the final register page.
It might be that your IP or Email might have tagged as a spammer, yes we use Stopspammers and honeypot here on the forum for checking up new registers or trying to register.

If both have been tagged then don't bother to register as you won't pass.
This is out of our hands!!

You might need to contact both sites to try and clean your name and to be removed from the database.

However let me remind you all! If some spammers do get register and spam our forum your IP and Email will be reported to both sites for an add into the database! so be aware of this!

You can contact us by going to our discord channel of the spacestation-online, see our front page for details on our discord widget!
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