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The Spacestation-online back to the roots!

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on: August 12, 2019, 06:21:46 PM
Long time ago, we used the forum as a home for our spacestation-online.
However we changed that as the old ways where not working to our needs, now a century in the future we are going back to the roots as this is still the best we can use for our homeplace, and much more easier for users then a whole page with lots of different info's or news pages that are off topic.

Yet our other sites are still active with our ideas, 80's and beyond is a re-born of what we used to had in the begin but now its a bit more different as we are still building our cartoon databases and gaming database.
scifi, action and beyond is also returning and is still under construction same goes for T.O.L. (The observation Lounge) and that other page TF.

So yes we are still working and building our ideas.

So enjoy the Spacestation Odeyssey!!