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80's and beyond overall update soon!

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on: October 01, 2019, 10:24:37 AM
I will soon be working on a temporaly new design for the 80's and beyond, but first i need some personal time off.
my health goes first of course.
after that i will try and look if i will get our KITT working again, some say there is a problem with playing kitt. i know it was written in an old flash file so it might not be a html5 combatible thing. it can also be that i need to remove kitt totally from the 80's site and looking for some thing new..
also the hall-of-fame will be removed completly as this will be moving to a new place as to sci-fi-action and beyond.
80's cartoon database is temporaly on hold, and games be trying to be updated with some new games, i need to be removing links to rom files.

but first i want an overall change of the 80's site.