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star trek awakening (live now)

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on: September 13, 2019, 05:14:39 AM
Well its now been three days for the new update went live and as the title says its a buns of updates.

right now we have a new event for earning a new elachi dreadnought, no news on how it performs still need to earn it, also there are 5 new missions in the event named patrol missions.
some of them are great and ok to do not to hard and some good battles, also a new TFO mission has been added the rift misssion as i call it is one of those missions from DISCO  :'( with your team mates you got to explore the rift and help them to fanish into their normal space (see intro teaser for that) however elachi forces will try to stop you from doing that. eventually when done rewards will be given.
but that is not the only thing 6 new story telling missions has also been added to the list and yes again its DISCO (if we cant find better stories somehow like more enterprise or tng or a whole new compleet story arc..ugh) have not done much of these story as i'm more waiting to collect points to get the ship after that i will see if im going to play those missions.

but enjoy if you are a ster trek online player..