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They Are back!! the crew of the spacestation-online

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Narrator: Yes they are back.. the 3 men.. the creators... the singers... the washers... the losers...
Crew both: WTF!!!!
Narrator: YES, Who gives a F**k, not that there is a real spacestation flying in the universe. seeking no life and no civilization, where no men go!!
Crew 1: yes there is one and ... erm.. yeah ok, last part is right... sucks..
Crew 2: wait you said, three men?? WHOS IS SHE???
Narrator: how should I know!!!.. you 3 guys created this.. Not me NOOOOooooo I only doing something you guys could not..
Crew both: And what's that??
Narotator: Narorate!! HAhahahahaha....
Crew 2: I can!!
Narrator: *clicking sound of a gun* no you can't.. *points gun*
Crew 2: erm.. second thought.. nope I cant!
Narrator: Now let's begin!! *shoots on the ground where the crew are standing*

- Story Continous where the crew starts to panic, both run to a computer console

Crew 1: Computer initiate self destruct 0-0-0-destruct-0
Crew 2: Oh right a star trek cliché.
crew 3: Where is the toilet?
Computer: can't comply.. this station has no self destruct mechanism... idiots!
Crew 2: what is it these days! they all calling us idiots. where is this universe going to??

- Closed ending

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