(Good Ol’) 80’s And Beyond

As some may know (specially on our facebook page) we have started our (Good Ol’) 80’s and beyond again. This was one of our first projects when we first started, it was even before the spacestation-online Productions even started.

In that period when 80s and beyond (as we had called it for short) started it wasnt as big as it is now, it was just a front page and a forum, however times has changed and with the options we have now we decided to start things up again.

The site now uses a different aproice as it uses a community system and with that you can earn points that you can use for getting items from the new shop that one of our team had made.

Also KITT is back with his (weekly) theme, however since we are still working as hard as we can, it can be that KITT isn’t always being updated as we should, and right now KITT only plays themes that are free and agreed by its maker.

We are also in the works with our Hall Of Fame, this is for our lost  moviestars that had passed away, not everyone will be added but we will try to add as many as we can.

So come and join us at the (Good Ol’) 80’s And Beyond!!