A brief history of the Spacestation-online Productions

A little backstory on how the spacestation-online was born,

Back in the 90’s when we first got the internet on a simple modem, I was always fascinated on how pages were made (and back then it was a simple html page).

When the connections got better like cable modems came and dsl, I learned html, and built my first ever online website that was a database of the zx spectrum online gaming.


The site was focused on games to play online through a simple java code and an emulator on the website to start up some tap files and emulate the game for zx spectrum java.

It ran for a while, but it did not have a long life. So together with a friend we build a second site, namely The Good ol’ 80’s and Beyond, which was loosely based on the idea from a television show called “Back to the 80’s”.

The site was still html based, but it had for the first time a forum that we could use, as years passed we eventually build our first CMS site.

An earlier project of ours that was not online was called Mid Mate Magazine. From there we took the name as Triple M Productions (although it was already on page but not alive yet), the site ran from March 2003 until April of 2007.

The new The good ol’ 80’s and beyond was something different than we did before. Thanks to some people helping us, we had a running 80’s kitt player that was playing a moment of history as to music and a bit of history , it did cover some programs as to 80’s related and news items that were posted.

However later the site went from a name change to sci-fi action and beyond, as we thought we could do something more then only 80’s and 90’s elements. It ran from May 2007, but unfortunately in 2008 the site died a slow death due to many reasons beyond our control. With our websites no longer online, the main site under the Triple M Productions banner was also the day we dropped.

However we did not stand still as we wanted something special and with our sci-fi geek minds we came up with a new place, spacestation-online.com. With this in mind, it all resulted in so many sci-fi movies we saw. Especially Star Trek with their huge stations, it inspired us to create this new site.

However it wasn’t online yet, as we needed to think about how to get things rolling again. At first we tried various elements for the site. And still many thanks to people who helped with their images to represent the station.

But it wasn’t exactly a spacestation yet. After a lot of searches, we came to someone who had one that we wanted. The spacestation-online website was idle since 2010, but after the design was completed the website was rebooted in August 2013 the spacestation was finally born.

This was also the moment that we had some ideas for it. To bring it here on the station and do research or do some funny stuff. Right now the spacestation-online and it also became our production name. “The Spacestation-online Productions” as it is officially known now.

Here we will soon present our media material. Some will be in Dutch, which is our native language, and eventually we’ll also extend into English. So the spacestation is growing, but it will take time.

Some of the stations we had used in the past: (we forgot who made them, but if you were the one, please we thank you for the designs).








Those images where dropped later on when the spacestation-online crew, and we were looking for a better one.

We did found one that we could adapt with a 3d program and many thanks to its maker skynet3020.

And with that a new era was born.