A new Year a new beginning

The new year is about to start and the team of the Spacestation-online has been busy on doing some projects, as some may known our oldest and re-creation of the Good ol’ (80’s and Beyond) has been brought back to life. and since then everything has been changed in there. it’s now user friendly and it has it’s own sort of social media in it.

With this several other projects are also in the works, however we can’t say much as this is a long term project.

The spacestation-online is also getting a new makeover this also goes for the background, and it will be open for everyone to ask questions or doing a social thing, one of our team members was also asked if it was possible to help out a helping hand to several people who is also doing projects and if we could make a post for them on our site, we are looking into it and as soon as we come with an idea we will let everyone know..

2019 we will be doing lots of things with both sites, and we hope to see you all there!!

Happy 2019 and a healthy and may we find peace!



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