80’s And Beyond Cartoon Database

Many moons ago, we started our databases on our sister site, mostly we are working on our Cartoons database (classic 80’s saterday morning) we already have several famous cartoons ready, and some may even being watched at watchcartoonsonline (no we aint partners).

With this we want a new generation to known what a great period it was for cartoons in those years, and we as a staff at 80’s and beyond misses all those great cartoons when writing the database, already our greatest memories are starting to pup-up already.

Also don’t forget our 80’s and beyond also has it’s own facebook page where we keep everyone up to date with our databases, so like us there too if you want to be up-to-date at 80’s and beyond facebook and our website is at https://80beyond.spacestation-online.com/

There is also a Games database in the works, however it is temporaly on hold because we want our cartoons first place as a project, however there are some game in there that you might memorise of those periods.

So enjoy and hope to see you all at our 80’s and beyond.