Star Trek Online Iconian War (Season 10)

Well It’s been a while since i posted here on the spacestation-online but being busy with my own stuff and playing full time on STO but here i am.

And there is again a new season coming this April 21st to STO as the war continuous, the Iconians are coming back with full forces.

however there is more great news coming in, as for voice actors we had many of the well known star trek people in it as like jeri ryan (seven of nine), robert picardo (EMH) and more..

As to their website there is even more coming in right now as we now know, like:

  • George Takei (Hikaru Sulu)
  • Brent Spiner (Data)
  • John de Lancie (Q)
  • Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway; Not officially announced)
  • Jonathan Frakes (William T. Riker),
  • Robert McNeill (Tom Paris)

And more action to the story lines, so we have to wait till then.

Also more T6 vessels are coming into the action as STO are now releasing the fleet starships, and hopefully more new armor and heavy duty items or either starships or ground battles.

See more details on there site at Star Trek STO Gamepedia

So right now i only got two of their T6 vessels as i’m a romulan i am still pleased with my upgraded T5-U Scimitar vessel but those command vessel are a good one to have too in your armor setup.

But remember when playing, you need to graft your weapons and other items as of right now, and that takes a lot dill or money so i suggest farming for dill and credits, with that you can buy out most parts at the exchange and use that upgrade on your items.

also check skill planner for some good setup to your ship and ground. And play lots of those special pve mission to get your special items at your reputation for deflectors, engines, shields but you can also craft lots of stuff from the exchange or your fleet. So no Worries there, and if you can’t find what your looking for there are always people who wants to help.

so lets star playing again!!

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