Happy New Year!!

We here at the spacestation-online Productions whishes everyone a happy new year and a new beg

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Cleaning up the houses!

We here at the spacestation-online are going to cleaning up the houses and corridors.

Right now we have several facebook pages that we are not using any longer these are being removed from our list and one is new.

And in some time we are going …

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Legacy Of Kane (Clan site)

The Legacy Of Kane,

Is looking for new clan leaders or Players for different games, right now there are the C&C online games like reborn-x and A path Beyond And of course Star Trek Online (no clan in-game).

However we are willing to make th…

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Preparing the Station into new Projects

In a few months the Spacestation-online will be down temporally (no date known or time), just for some tiny little updates to get into the works.

As we or some might already know we are building a new project named T.O.L (stands for The Observation Lounge), the new section is still in a beta stage so there need a lot of work to be done.

However our forum has been updated as well and yes its on new location as well (press link above for bookmark update), the project that we are working on w…

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T.O.L. Coming soon!

As the title says, T.O.L. (also know as The Observation Lounge) will soon arrive at the spacestation-online.

What does it mean the T.O.L, well actually it will be our media source for videos that we will produce as to conventions that we will atte…

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Upgrading on its way!

February 15, 2015 daniel 0

The Spacestation-online is going to be upgraded very soon, this also includes our forum. When this upgrade is completed we will be also removing some […]


February 15, 2015 daniel 0

Spirits, Sprits are people who has passed away and haven’t crossed over as to unfinished business or doesn’t really know they are dead. And uses […]