Legacy Of Kane (Clan site)

The Legacy Of Kane,

Is looking for new clan leaders or Players for different games, right now there are the C&C online games like reborn-x and A path Beyond And of course Star Trek Online (no clan in-game).

However we are willing to make this clan bigger with adding new games like the world of (tanks, ships, planes) or even battlefield.

We are still building things up, however we do have a medal reward system that members can earn from mission playing, a application form to join the clan, and more will be added.

We don’t have many rules just as long as oyu stay active and having fun.

So want to join or want a place to put for a clan creation for a game then this will be the place for you.


Please contact -sf- Klingon or either -SF- MDluffy for more details.

Forum -> http://legacyofkane.spacestation-online.com/

We are also on facebook:

Facebook -> https://www.facebook.com/Legacy-Of-Kane-1641001529543903/




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