Cleaning up the houses!

We here at the spacestation-online are going to cleaning up the houses and corridors.

Right now we have several facebook pages that we are not using any longer these are being removed from our list and one is new.

And in some time we are going to overall the new T.O.L. (The Observation Lounge) as we are not pleased with how everything works, so this page will go temporaly offline till we got it working right.

as for the spacestation-online, it too will get a new look and work, and as many will know this main page will not be updated a lot, this is mainly that we are working on different projects.

we will no longer be posting in here for news or updates after this, only if their is really something to say and then it will be mainly posted on facebook and our forum.

so it could be that the main spacestation-online homepage will be a static page or that we still want something as we have now, but this will be a future concern, our main target is T.O.L

who now has a new facebook page >> << and not to forget we also have a forum, where every one can chat on many things.

so till then..



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