Classic games comeback!!

Ok, so who knew these fine games from back in the 90’s as like monkey island, Day of the Tentacle, full throttle.

well at least many of us knew these fine games, and now they are moving to the stores again as remastered editions.


Back in 2009 Tell Tales did the first comeback as the old team from Lucasarts designers of a popular game (namely monkey island). decided it was time to bring back this classic and successful game back to life, and since the graphics of these days has so much more to offer these days the old classic low and yet click and point system needed to relive according to Tell Tales.

the idea was like monkey island three, what was the best seller adventure game with better way of graphics and voice over’s. That the team went to Lucasarts and made their plans on the table of how they would bring back this game back to life.

     96009-The_Curse_Of_Monkey_Island_(CD_Windows)-5(Monkey Island The Curse of Monkey Island)


the problem however was, was this game still on the old mainframe of Lucasarts as source files.

well actually they were lucky the files where there only written in old style code, but what we heard was that it was at some point easy to write new assets for the game, and with the lead designer of art back in and with a tiny change from a text told story it was again voiced over by Dominic Armato, they had made a great move on this part, the game was sold successfully and again it gained a new rewards as best graphics game and adventure.

monkey-island-comparison(Monkey Island, Classic view and the remastered)

after that the second game also got the updated move as special editions.

However in 2015 a company called double Fine by Tim Shaffer also made his plans on making a comeback of his classic games, and since Lucasarts has been sold off to Disney, they requested if they may have a look at the server for their own created games for plans on bringing them back to life.

Tim Shaffer got his request in those periods of time and their first remastered edition was in the works as we know it grim fandango (one of my favorite game) as like monkey island the art designers had to re-do every art that was in the game but again not that much, it still had to give the gamer that special feeling as like you where playing it again in old style.


so the only thing that was changed was a better HD version of characters, background, animation.

when that was completed the next step was to re-do the music, and boy they have done some amazing things with that.. i believe the full versions can be heard at iTunes and spotify (but not sure about that).


Now there are plans to do this with Days of the tentacle (the second game after Maniac Mansion) and of course Full Throttle however we don’t know how the game will be but seeing the snapshots that came out, we were saying “oh boy… here is my money…” and yes I’m also waiting to play these games.



Plans are it will be released for pc, playstation and playstation vista not sure if there were plans for the Xbox version.

update: we found it on spotify the remastered version of Grim Fandango