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  • spacestation
    May 23 2016


    A little backstory on how the spacestation-online was born, Back in the 90’s when we first got the internet on a simple modem, I was always fascinated on how pages were made (and back then it was a simple html page). When the connections got better like cable modems came and dsl, I learned html, […]

  • spacestation-bg
    Apr 13 2016

    T.O.L. Coming soon!

    As the title says, T.O.L. (also know as The Observation Lounge) will soon arrive at the spacestation-online. What does it mean the T.O.L, well actually it will be our media source for videos that we will produce as to conventions that we will attend or some videos that we will comment upon in our way […]

  • socialmedia-dieet
    Jan 08 2016

    The Spacestation-online goes “Where everyone has gone before!”

    Well today we can add a new link to our specs of social media, as of today we are also on Tumblr. with this we try to reach many people who like to help or has new ideas on making posts, videos or just a C.I.S. moment that they want to share with the world. […]

  • classic_games_wallpaper2048x1152_by_sarasdvs-d6cqbhn
    Jan 03 2016

    Classic games comeback!!

    Ok, so who knew these fine games from back in the 90’s as like monkey island, Day of the Tentacle, full throttle. well at least many of us knew these fine games, and now they are moving to the stores again as remastered editions.   Back in 2009 Tell Tales did the first comeback as […]

  • spacestation spotify
    Sep 20 2015

    Music Hotlist on Spacestation-online

    We now share some music from the spotify branch that was selected by some users who liked these music and wanted to share them with you. Although they come form spotify and for that you need an account to hear them or it will not work, so keep that in mind. However we already haveĀ  […]

  • Sep 20 2015
  • Sep 20 2015
  • Sep 20 2015

    Stargate SG-1

    StarGate SG-1:

  • Sep 20 2015

    Star Trek TNG 12-Discs (By Ron Jones)

    Star Trek TNG By Ron Jones:

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